Rooster Big Daddy BMX

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All you need to know about Rooster Big Daddy BMX. Available to order and deliver within next day at

[Review] Viking Elite STI

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Our team at Bikes24-7 asked Harry, a customer who recently purchased a Viking Elite STI, about his experience with the bike. Here is what he answered us:
Having spent the last month or so scouring the market for a new Mountain Bike I think I am fully up to speed with all the products available.I am a novice to Mountain Biking so when I set out searching my ultimate aim was to find a bike that was light enough, built using quality components and at a price that was affordable. I know you are thinking I am asking the impossible....

Inspiring short films about cycling

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As we are passionate about bikes, our team at bikes24-7 is constantly looking for new inspirations with the hope to inspire more people to get out there and start cycling. During the last few months, we’ve found a lot of inspiring short films and videos about bikes and would like to share with all of you. All of these shorts were nicely crafted and edited and we were very inspired after watching these pieces.We hope you like them and feel ins
It is well documented that since the launch of the world-wide-web companies selling products at discount prices have become more apparent. There are a number of reasons for this, one of the main ones been the ability for customers to cut costs on their premises because the internet is their shop window. Companies cutting expenditure is allowing them to shave money off their retail price thus becoming a lot more attractive to their customer base.

How are people currently saving money?

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In previous years it is well documented that money was easier to come by and people were not as anxious about spending it as they are today. This is mainly down to the recession that hit the economy throughout 2008 to current date. Since then people have valued the pound in their pocket a lot more as the recession was purely down to people spending more than they were earning....

Choosing the right sized bike

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Making sure you choose the correct frame size is of paramount importance when buying a new bike. The correct fitting bike will be more comfortable, more efficient and more fun to ride. Read our guide to choose the right sized bike.
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