A large amount of people will take up cycling as their New Year's resolution as an aim to keep fit.

Whistle Bikes

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The Whistle bike range goes from strength to strength each year. All the bikes designed by Whistle are attractive to look at as well as built using all quality components.
People are now calling cycling the new golf.

How to Choose The Right Style of Bike

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There are a number of different types of bike to choose from. What kind are you looking for? Is it a racer, mountain bike or even a hybrid?

The History Of Raleigh

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Raleigh Bikes is one of the longest standing bike brands in the world. Raleigh was established in 1890 by Sir Frank Bowden in the city of Nottingham. The name Raleigh acquires from the street name Raleigh Street as this is where Mr Bowden first went about his business.

On-Line Bike Shops v’s High Street

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Should I buy a bike from an online bike shop or high street shop?

How to measure a road bike

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Gone are the days when there was one type of racing bike. Road bikes now come in a number of different styles and sizes. Because of evolution in the industry there are now different styles for different types of cycling and also for difference preferences of the rider. This blog post will tell you all you need to know about road bikes.
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