BMX – Are they starting to come back in fashion

BMX – Are they starting to come back in fashion

The BMX has for many years been considered as the poor relation in the cycling industry. However, we are starting to see this situation change. People state the trend of the BMX will not grow back to the heights of the 80’s but sales across the industry suggest interest is definitely growing.

It is not just the small operations that are pushing the BMX major players in the market such as Cycling Sports Group, Raleigh and Diamond Back are also working hard to establish their BMX range within the market.

Mark Noble the category manager of CSG recently gave his view of the BMX market. ‘People are saying that its flat and tough BMX sales have been in a slump for a while. However, there has never been more places to ride BMX’s i.e. skate parks as what there are now. The facilities have never been better.

However, you also have to consider that people have a lot more things to do in their free time such as playing on their smartphones, watching Netflix.

However, the quality of BMX’s bikes has never been better and even better for the customer never been cheaper. If you’re a rider wanting to get into the BMX world now is the perfect time and opportunity.

However, the thoughts are racing is one of the areas driving the interest in the BMX market. The BMX race bike is specifically designed to be used on the race track, therefore they don’t catch the general riders attention. However, the freestyle of things is slightly different as there is a vast amount of brands and products available, making it a hugely cut-throat market.

The BMX brand hit a peak in the early 1980’s through to the late 80’s, however, it vanished off the face of the earth until the mid-90s. However, since that slump both the freestyle and racing BMX’s have had a steady following. People blame the slump purely down to fashion trends and market place innovations.

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