Are Apprenticeships good for the Sports Industry?

Are Apprenticeships good for the Sports Industry?

This week is national apprenticeship week. Do you think there is anything to celebrate about within the Sports Industry? What positive impact does it have on the industry and the individuals working within this industry?

I feel there is plenty to celebrate and the positives vastly outweigh the negatives. Providing that the programmes are thought out carefully they should achieve their goals and basically make the business stronger and create a more concrete structure and therefore do what all businesses what to do and increase profitability.

At we are looking to follow in the shadows of a number of bigger businesses who have been running the programmes for a number of years. I have an opinion that if these businesses who have been trading for a large number of years thought apprenticeships were of know benefit to their organisation they would not support the programmes.  Furthermore, there is a famous phrase ‘read the statistics’

Research shows that 92% of companies that run programmes believe these have helped to create a highly productive and happy workforce. Statistics also show 80% of businesses report an improvement in staff turnover.

One of’s other reasons to introduce an apprenticeship scheme is to help reduce the skills gap in both the Country and the industry they work within. However, like with everything there are also the pessimists who feel that apprenticeships are not a good thing with the main reason been  they are an easy way out or are second best option to the more traditional route like studying at University as the way in to employment. These views will make people wanting to take the apprenticeship route feel slightly anxious that the preference will always go to the graduate when going through the recruitment process.

Getting your foot through the door is not a bad thing apprenticeships offer you a chance to gain first- hand experience in a real working environment. It also exposes them to the rewards and challenges of the job.

It is stated that a number of businesses are hesitating to offer these schemes because of the required investment needed. If this is the case they should focus on the fact that 9 out of 10 employers hoping to achieve gains actually achieve this.

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