Rio De Janeiro To Host Velo-City in 2018

Rio De Janeiro To Host Velo-City in 2018

It has been confirmed that the city of Rio De Janerio will be the host of the 2018 Velo-City. The European Cyclists Federation (ECF) states that ‘it looks forward to intensifying its collaboration with the city’. Rio has a population of 6.5 million this makes it the largest city to hold the conference since London which were the hosts all the way back in 1984. The conference has already been hosted in other continents around the world such as North America, Asia, Australia and of course Europe. It was then agreed by unanimous decision that South America would be centre stage and Rio was the obvious choice of destination.

Recently we have seen the city make huge efforts and in roads to improving everyday transportation, this includes cycling, for example cycle lanes like the Ciclo Rotas a bicycle sharing scheme. This as well as a number of other schemes and hours of hard work made Rio along with two other cities in Brazil the winners of the sustainable transport award in 2015.

Marcio Deslandes the ECF’s Sales Director actually grew up in Rio. Therefore I am extremely confident he will be crucial to help bring the right mix of Brazilian topics and help build the bridge between the ECF and the Government.

One of the ECF’s main aims will be to illustrate Rio’s leadership in South America regarding cycling and how this will improve social inclusion and making this beautiful city more liveable. Another one of the aims of the conference will be to bring the best examples from all the other continents and merge all that knowledge and expertise to help achieve their goals.

This is just another example of Brazils intentions and ambitious to help promote, support and host sporting events and activities. In 2014 they were the hosts of the Football World Cup of which many experts thought would be a failure. Both from an infrastructure point of view and general atmosphere. However, in most people’s opinion it was a success. Furthermore it is also the host of this year’s Olympic Games of which so far is going to plan by all accounts.

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