Diamondback BMX Bikes

Diamondback BMX Bikes

The Diamondback BMX range has the reputation for being one of the finest range of BMX bikes you are likely to find. There is a bike for everyone in the selection of bikes. Diamond Back have obviously thought long and hard when putting their selection together. All the bikes look great, offer excellent quality and are priced at an affordable price.

The Diamond Back BMX range has been targeted at all age groups with the smallest being the Diamond Back Remix 12” Wheel. This funky bike comes in a stylish green frame and has a large number of similar components than that of the 20” BMX’s.

Finding the right BMX

Buying a new BMX or any new bike is not just about picking it just because you like the look of it without sitting on it first. Although the look of the bike will be hugely important to you other factors need to be considered. Nothing would be worse than spending your hard earnt money only to realise that when you eventually sit on the bike it is the wrong one. To try and avoid this from happening here at bikes24-7.com we have tried to give you some advice on how to select the correct BMX for you.

Find a bike that is the right size

One of the most important factors is to get the correct sized bike. Hence the benefits of selecting a Diamond Back BMX as they come in a number of different sizes. Getting the wrong size bike might not prevent someone riding the bike. However, it may hinder the rider from experiencing the bikes full potential.

Another important element is the BMX’s handlebars. If a rider purchases a BMX without doing their homework they may end up with handlebars too narrow or too low therefore they will have a difficult and uncomfortable time riding their BMX. Basically it will be a complete waste of money.

Bikes24-7.com have a number of BMX specialists who will be able to help you. Don’t be shy about asking them as many questions as you want before making the commitment to purchase. We do not want you to make the wrong decision.

Know what kind of BMX bike is needed

Many people think BMX bikes are all the same. Think to yourself are all sports cars the same? Some sports cars will excel in straight lines, others will perform better round corners and some will perform better off road. The same thing applies to BMX’s.  

Don’t get me wrong there is no right or wrong a rider is entitled to buy whichever BMX they want (providing the size is right), however it’s a fact that if a rider wants a bike for road riding  an off road bike will always underperform when compared to something specially made for the road. Diamondback BMX bikes are built for something in particular.

Flatland, racing, dirt/ramp, and street are the different types of bicycles out there. Knowing what the bike is supposed to be for will determine which bike best suits the rider.

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